Who We Are

Perfection means combining functionality, beauty, and aesthetics into your vision.

Whether you need a full home interior remodeler, a professional shower remodeler, a flooring installer, or just windows professional installation, our Orange County remodeling contractors are at your service! 

We are specialized in renovating residential properties from condos, multi-unit apartments to single-family houses. Whether a top-to-bottom gut renovation or one room, our highly skilled and dedicated design-and-build team has the expertise to navigate your interior renovation needs.

Let us begin transforming your home from the kitchen to the bathroom. Our team of remodeling experts and contractors will combine functionality with aesthetics to suit your needs perfectly. We account for everything from the planning, traffic pattern to HVAC considerations at the beginning of the project so there will be no surprises later.

OC Remodeling Studio helps you transform your home into your dream home!