Orange County Bathroom Renovation

OC Remodeling Studio has a great experience in bathroom renovation of all shapes, sizes, and styles. We will create the most functional and stylish bathroom with the given space.


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    OC Remodeling Studio has vast experience with bathroom remodeling and shower renovations whether you need a walk-in shower, a luxurious bathroom, shower installation, or maybe just a bathroom design for a future project. We guarantee you the best bathroom renovation contractors in Irvine and OC, who are experts at maximizing space.

    FULL BATHROOM Renovation

    Our shower remodeling experts will brainstorm everything from the initial design to finish, from layout to storage with you, and help you to put your ideas into practice. We have experience with small and big bathrooms, making sure your space is highly valued. If you choose to work with OC Remodeling Studio, you will never have to sacrifice the style you want in your bathroom for functionality.

    Bathroom and shower Design

    If you’re tired of your old bathroom layout, we will come with fresh ideas, rethinking every single aspect of your bathroom, from vanities, showers, cabinets, tubs to washer/dryer rooms, making sure our client is always satisfied with the outcome. Because plumbing is involved in the project when you are remodeling your bathroom, with our OC bathroom contractors, you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

    Luxury Bathroom

    Luxury bathroom renovations kick the design up a notch, and because the bathroom is one of the most used space by every member of the family in a home, sometimes we feel the need to pamper ourselves with a luxurious bathroom. Heated floors and dual vanities are luxurious and functional, as well as walk-in showers or soaking tubs.

    Small Bathroom

    Our bathroom renovation experts will take into consideration everything that can affect the flow in your bathroom because our goal is to make your bathroom look bigger, no matter how tight space might be. With your ideas and our experts, we can make your small bathroom look chic and still be completely functional.

    Bathroom & Shower Tile

    If you have a favorite tile pattern or you just need guidance in choosing the right one for your bathroom, with our experience in bathrooms remodeling, we can help you to implement your ideas in your bathroom remodeling project. From natural stone to subway to penny tiles, we can install any model you want!

    Bathroom Vanities

    Sometimes vanities can be the central piece in a bathroom remodeling project because they can make your bathroom look smaller or bigger. On the other hand aesthetics and style are very important elements in almost every space. We make sure to provide you a stylish bathroom while valuing your space. With OC Remodeling Studio, always style meets functionality!

    Bathroom Countertops

    Countertops are another vital element in bathroom renovations. From the stain-resistant, long-lasting beauty of quartz to nonporous solid-surface materials, we’ll find the ideal countertops to match your new bathroom’s aesthetic. You name the material, and we’ll make it happen!


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    If you choose to work with Orange County Remodeling Studio, you will never have to sacrifice the style you want in your bathroom for functionality, no matter the space you have.
    Our Orange County shower contractors have a vast experience in bathroom remodeling. Trust our shower remodeler experts that will make the best out of your shower stall to offer you the bathroom you always wanted. From small bathrooms to luxurious bathrooms, cabinets to countertops, vanities to bathtubs, and doors, our bathroom remodeler experts will make sure everything is in place and functional.

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